Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Shoe Of The Day

Ok, I have to admit I squeed when I saw these at lunch today. They are the cutest, most adorable shoes I've seen in Office for a looooong time. Office and I might be back on speaking terms now after we fell out due to the increase in fugly monstrosities adorning their shelves.

But these - near perfection. The shape, the practical low hexagonal heel (just make sure you have a good shoe repairer who'll re-heel them and not complain or charge extra!), the bow! The only criticism I have is that I think they'd look a teeny bit better in a darker shade of red but hell, these are straight on my wish list. Oh and they are a bit expensive for what they are.

I do accept gifts if anyone's wondering.....

Missey bow shoe £55 at Office