Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Cheap Chic - Compare And Contrast

Apparently summer is heading inexorably towards us. Not that you'd know that given the cold and the snow and stuff but the purveyors of clothing items are very content to foist new happy shiny images of sunkissed models and beaches in the sheerest of fabrics and skimpiest of garments. And so the shoes follow. You want sensible winter appropriate footwear? Forget it. You will wear sandals lady - open toes, strappy barely there scraps to adorn your foot.

ASOS.com are keener than most on this at the moment and are shoving new stuff onto their website all the time.

New stuff such as these eminently chic and practical in that they'll go with a lot without you realising it kinda way and really for only £15, who cares? sandals.

Not that they got the inspiration from these £130 Opening Ceremony sandals.... not at all.