Monday, 25 February 2008

Oscars 2008: Why, For The Love Of God, WHY?!?

Ok, so I get that Tilda Swinton is all about being a 'serious' actress even if she did star in 'The Beach'. I get that she is actually a good actress. I get that she has some kind of bohemian lifestyle thing going on. That's all fine.

What I don't get is that she went to the Oscars a) claiming to have never seen them and b) without any make-up whatsoever and oh my god, did she not even wash her hair???

The Oscars!!! Without washing your hair!?!?! I currently have no hot water but I can still make the effort to wash my hair!!!!

She has succeeded though in causing most confusion. Is she to be applauded for not giving in and sticking to her no make-up au naturel look? Is she to be applauded for being "fashion forward" and wearing one of the most hideous things Lanvin has sent down the catwalk in a while? Or is she to be yelled at for those very same reasons? And for claiming not to have seen the Oscars. Seriously, what the freak is that all about?

I've been pondering this for, oooh, feels like forever. I'm emotionally drained. I'm offended on so many levels with this that I can't even bring myself to pinpoint what offends me most. I think it rests with the shoe boots...


Adrian said...

Actually, I've never seen the Oscars. Is it different because I'm a guy, though?