Tuesday, 8 January 2008

New Year, New Writing Space

So a few days ago, the number at the end of 2007 changed to an eight. 2008. That'd be a new year then. The change in number has also brought about a change in writing space. That'd be this then.

I used to write on This Is By Us. I may well do in the future. Lately though, it's been a little negative for my liking and well, tales of shoes and misadventure in fashion would have seemed even more superficial than normal.

If you've found me through there, great! Glad to have you with me. There'll be more Battles Of The Fugly, more Shoes In The Life and more general ramblings about whatever's piqued my interest that day.

Hope you like it.



Jantar said...

Hi, welcome to the wonderful world of blogging...

I've been doing my own two blogs for a year now. It's fun but it does take a lot of discipline to keep going.

I hope yours will be successful and enjoyable enough to keep writing.

kinshin said...

hey, don't know why no one else has commented yet, but I found this off of your thisisby.us account and I intend to follow up, keep on writing :)


Windy City Native said...

Yay for tibuers on Blogger!