Wednesday, 9 January 2008

It's All Just Pants

Caitlin Moran, of The Times, is a woman I've greatly admired for a long time. With her current rant about pants, I think she may have made me fall in love with her.

It's true. Big pants are best. Think about all the times you've sat a little off and had a wedge of your trousers or skirt position itself in your ass. There's a reason wedgies are still the schoolboy's prank of choice - they're bloody uncomfortable. So why on earth pay good money for the same experience? Especially when in most instances the scrap of fabric that makes up a thong costs about the same as its big knicker sister.

And she's right about one thing. Most blokes don't really care what your knickers look like, they're just happy to have got to that stage with you!


Jan said...

Yes, I like her work as well. And this one was a great column.