Wednesday, 17 December 2008

This Has NOTHING To Do With Me!

*sigh* While there are a great many good and decent people out there, there's an equal number of bad people.

If you've reached this site via or or any variation thereof, please be aware that this blog is NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT SITE!!!

Please don't go and look at it if you haven't already. There is something rather suspect about it and I would hate for you to be a potential victim of a virus or phishing scam.

And if you're the owner of that site, be aware that I am in the process of finding out who you are and if you don't amend your content immediately then you'll be facing some pretty heavy action.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

The Dark Side Of Our Primark Obsession - An End To Blind Buying?

I've been sorting through my wardrobes (yes, plural) lately to sort the wheat from the chaff. I've been fairly ruthless and culled everything I can no longer fit into or no longer wear. There's a lot that can be sold on eBay but an equal sized pile of charity shop donations.

Then I read this article in The Times and wondered what good my charity would actually do? Although my clothes are cared for, will they actually be able to be resold or be used? It's a sobering thought that our frivolity when it comes to fashion does have significant consequences. I, for one, am fairly oblivious to what actually happens to the bags of clothes I drop off at charity shops. Perhaps if there was a greater understanding of what charities do with our donations then we'd be more careful in our buying?

Maybe it's time to think about a new challenge, one where making informed choices and decisions on what to buy influences future clothes purchases. We're all guilty of it - quickly nipping into town to buy a cheap top for a night out because we feel we have nothing to wear. It's not that we have nothing to wear, we just don't want to wear what we've got. You don't get the same buzz from wearing something you've worn a thousand times before. Maybe if existing clothes were more carefully chosen and invested in then we could get the love back. After all, fashion magazines extol the virtues of investing in classic pieces but shouldn't we adopt the same approach to all our clothes? This doesn't mean buying only designer pieces - goodness knows that some of them use horrendous fabrics that nowhere near reflect the price - but taking more time to think about the fabric and the quality of the garment. Something that's well made will last for years no matter how much it cost initially.

I'm not saying abandon Primark at the like completely, just that maybe we should be a little more rational and thoughtful about what we spend our money on and open our eyes to the bigger impact of our fashion habits.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Where The Love Began....

I've finally pinpointed where my love for shoes began.

Clarks Magic Steps.

I remember seeing this advert and hassling my mum for a pair and, as I only wore Clarks when I was little, a shiny patent t-bar pair is what I got. First girl in my class to get them too!

You know you'd have a pair now if they made them in adult sizes...

Monday, 1 December 2008

Was I So Out Of Fashion That I'm Back In Again?!

I have NEVER liked the skinny jeans trend. It looks good on no one except girls (and I mean girls, not women) who's skinniness could cause some concern and even then it's not quite right. Don't even get me started on men in skinny jeans.

The sheep mentality of the sadly vast majority of the public meant that unfortunately they became all pervasive - from size 6 to 16, the notion of dressing to flatter your shape flying out of the window and muffin tops apparently de rigeur. Me? I carried on wearing my super comfy baggy jeans, briefly tried by Marc Jacobs in 2006 as the 'Boyfriend' jean. Sure, I have 'smart' jeans - simple straight leg dark denim, straight NOT skinny, surprisingly from Mum store du jour M&S (at £12, I wasn't going to complain when they were the most flattering pair I could find!).

But now? Now apparently Katie Holmes, Stepford Wife Spectacular, has ushered in a new trend... the 'Boyfriend' jean.

Seriously? Katie Holmes? In her rolled up jeans? If you believe this article by Laura Cochrane in The Guardian then yes, yes this is true. Never has an article infuriated me so much. I'm not sure why. I think it's the patronising way we're being told to wear our jeans and how apparently we're incapable of working out for ourselves what we should and shouldn't wear unless a celebrity or Shoreditch (I lived there. It's nowhere near as cool and edgy and forward as it thinks it is.) does it first.

Well I'll just wait for the bandwagon to roll round and for everyone to hop on. It'll make it a bit easier for me to stock up on what has always been my look. I don't need bloody Katie Holmes or Victoria Beckham to tell me that.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Shoe Of The Day

Party season is coming up which means new shoes. I have to confess that I'm a 'choose the shoes then the dress' kinda girl which sometimes causes a bit of a headache but nothing that a perfect LBD won't fix. It's a fact that you can get away with what would otherwise be a fairly boring LBD so long as you have AMAZING shoes.

Sometimes though, you find the dress before the shoes in which case you might need something simple to adorn your foot. May I suggest these prettys from Faith? A classic peeptoe slingback in black with the added twist of a cute pink satin bow. These would work very well as a wardrobe staple.

Lestars, £50 at Faith

Quel Louboutin à choisir?

My departure date for Paris is looming ever closer and I am in fact no closer to deciding which pair of Louboutins I want (As an aside, The Hairy Drummer thought that Louboutin was actually called Lou Boutin and not Christian Louboutin. Bless...)

For my and your consideration today, these very lovely and slightly unusual 'Papilipi' satin pumps. I'm guessing that the name comes from the slightly butterfly look to them. I love the colour which would be a lot more versatile than it first appears.

Decisions, decisions!!!

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Nothing To Do With Shoes But Still Awesome.

Apologies for the absence and a return with a non shoe related post but you should watch this.

'The Archivist' is a short film written by an old friend from uni, David Whitehouse, as part of the BBC Electric Proms season.

You can find out more about the whole Electric proms malarkey here

Now, back to the shoes.....

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Shoe Of The Day

Whenever I see Brian Atwood's name, I always think of Ryan Atwood from the OC and get a bit confused then feel the need for an OC marathon accompanied by a cheese toastie or two and a massive mug of tea.

Actual Brian Atwood though designs beautiful shoes, none more so than these 'Rida' sandals. I love the colour and the step detailing on the heel. I think they'd look great adding a splash of colour to a LBD or peeping out from underneath a fabulous gown of a contrasting jewel colour.

'Rida' by brian Atwood, £385 at Net A Porter

Quel Louboutin à choisir?

*sigh* It's hard work y'know, looking at all these lovely shoes....

So the next pair of Louboutins up for purchasing consideration are these very shiny, and therefore awesome, Decollete paillette heels. Sequinned fabulousity means that these would be restricted to evening only (apart from those days when I throw caution to the wind!) but what an evening shoe!

Hmmm... decisions. decisions....

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

America's Next Top Model: Hair Cut-A-Rama-Drama

Episode 3 - The Makeover - home to tears, tantrums and weaves. Before we got to that though we had to endure some bizarre fighting between Fatima and Allison which included fat calling, anorexia and dolls. It was tedious. Allison fancies herself as being the winner seeing as she's the one with the most experience. Umhm. If you were that good, would you need to be on a competition show that doesn't necessarily translate to you being a high fashion model? Huh?

Anyway, after a tortuous reading of the new scrolling Tyra Mails (what is that about? I'm guessing it's to represent Times Square? Scroll it faster though dammit - they read it like 5 year olds), the high camp fun of makeovers occurred.

According to Mr and Miz Jay, HHPOF! Miz Tyra was being so secretive that even they didn't know what was going on. HHPOF! Miz Tyra slunk out and revealed that she wasn't going to tell ANYONE what was going to happen to them. It was all going to be a SURPRISE!!

Then came the moment of demented genius - with each girl, HHPOF! Miz Tyra popped up in the bottom of your screen in a cartoon TV to explain what was going to happen to them. The fact she felt the need to imitate them made it all the more surreally fabulous. Seriously, this woman knows no bounds when it comes to crazy fabulousity.

There was disappointingly nothing shocking, everyone was happy, even Fatima after she got through the pain of having a weave. I want - nay, DEMAND! - drama from makeover episodes. Sort it out please.

So on to the proper photoshoot, out on a boat so that NY-freaking-C could be the backdrop. And who was on the boat? Why, the very lovely Elle MacPherson and a collection of her pretty lingerie. I actually rather like Elle's Intimates and have purchased several sets and on the evidence of her appearance here, she seems a very lovely lady indeed.

With Mr Jay and Elle encouraging the girls on, there was some actual good modelling happening. Until Allison. Bless her heart. She'd been practising very hard indeed and it showed. Stiff, awkward and unable to take direction. That she then thought she'd done brilliantly probably should've set the alarm bells ringing.

Along came judging. Meh, meh, meh. Overall the pictures were good but the standout shots came from Lauren and Marvita, which the judges duly noted. There was some discomfort for Miz Jay and Nigel when Tyra made them feel her ass. The shock and slight disgust on both their faces was slyly kept in the edit.

In the end it came down to Dominique (who George Holz, the photographer, had thought was someone's soccer mom) and our favourite confident bitch Allison. Allison got the boot thanks to Dominique having been given the wrong hair colour and her inability to say Thank You which immediately riled Nigel. Don't rile Nigel, it disturbs his pretty and that's not good.

When The Fashion Press Shows Its Fugly Side

The lovely Gemma at Catwalk Queen has written a great post on the ridiculousness of The Sunday Times Style magazine berating Tavi aka Style Rookie for being a young fashion blogger.

Now normally Style is ridiculously tongue in cheek and playful but this does just smack of jealousy. Why on earth pick on a 12 year old?! And why be factually inaccurate? She hasn't been reporting from the fashion shows, she's been simply stating what she has and hasn't liked in the shows. Which I'm sure you'll agree is a HUGE difference.

Regardless, Tavi has responded in a far more articulate and mature way than her senior detractors. Check what she has to say then check out her awesome sense of fashion fun and innate style.

NES Has A Girl Crush On... Hadley Freeman

I love Hadley Freeman. She's witty, smart, fashionable, pretty - what's not to love?

As the Deputy Fashion Editor at The Guardian and Contributing Editor at Vogue, Hadley dispenses little pearls of wisdom on all sorts of subjects always in an amusing but sharp style.

Go, read her stuff, revel in them, grow your own crush on her.

Monday, 6 October 2008

NES *hearts*..... Her Latest Purchase!

The Hairy Drummer had said that he'd buy me a pair of shoes as part of my birthday present but at the time I couldn't find any I wanted. I then thought I'd put the money towards the Louboutin Fund.

But then I walked into Office and saw these. And tried them on. And promptly fell in love. They are simply the most divine shoes I've bought in a while. They are quite high but have a concealed platform and are actually quite comfy. I've done my usual insoling and padding to ensure that any pain is minimised. Be aware though that you may need to go up a size - I'm usually a UK 5 (EUR 38) but had to go up to a 6 (EUR 39).

Polish My Straps, £65 from Office

Friday, 3 October 2008

Shoe Of The Day

Little quiz for you - guess who made these pretties?

They have a nice take on the ubiquitous bow - a sort of undone, tucked in, I-made-a-bit-of-an-effort-to-tie-a-bow-but-I'll-be-late-for-cocktails kinda loop.

The heel is a good height and solid enough to feel stable while the platform means it won't feel quite so high. Throw in a peep toe and some autumnal dark red suede and these, dear reader, are shoes to covet then purchase.

So who made them? Usual purveyors of fug, Irregular Choice! £80 from Office

Monday, 29 September 2008

America's Next Top Model: Nobody Does Crazy Better

So I'm starting ANTM 10 from Episode 2 because let's face it, Episode One is always a maelstrom of screaming and crazy. The only notable thing from it was Her High Priestess Of Fierce! Miz Tyra Banks' demented turn as a prom queen. It was awesome, words can not do it justice.

This season has relocated to an actual city of fashion, swapping the gaudy LA trash scene for the actual fashion of NYC. The usual suspects are there - the Plus Size, The Bitch, The Alt-Bitch, THe Kook, The East European. And as ever, Mr and Miz Jay.

To be honest not an awful lot happened. Fatima (who is a spit for Iman) and Marvita clashed, revealed hardships and made up, an uninspiring Times Square set Badgley Mischka show revealed none of them can walk. The photoshoot was supposed to represent the hardships of being homeless seeing as HHPOF! had been homeless for a day for Her Other Show. To behonest, it seemed kinda crass and didn't provide any good photos.

The bombshell was saved for judging when Kim, a preppy blonde, admitted to the judges that she didn't care about fashion.

Think about that. Given that a lot of importance is placed on knowing about designers and fashion not only in the show but in general for models, she pretty much signed her exit papers. Miz Jay looked like she might faint, Tyra got mildly angry and sent her home. Atalya was the one to get booted normally - pretty but commercial apparently.

Whatever. Most importantly, there is now a weekly fix of Noted Fashion Photographer Nigel Barker. Which is surely worth getting through a Monday for.

Next week: Makeover. Oh the dramz....

Friday, 19 September 2008

NES *hearts*..... Dita Von Teese's New Wonderbra Collection

I was *so* excited when I heard that Dita Von Teese was teaming up with Wonderbra to bring out a range of retro inspired lingerie goodies. I adore the look of retro lingerie and love the shape it gives. To my mind, there is nothing sexier than a curvy hourglass shape and there's something to be said for the 'scaffolding' as I call it that goes into creating such a shape. It makes your whole posture realign - you sit up straighter, walk taller and can't help but get a cute Marilyn wiggle in your walk! I'll be writing some more about underwear soon - women really should give it as much thought as they give to what's going over it.

The Divine Miss Von Teese has designed three styles, my personal favourite being the Satine-Teese (pictured). Check out the rest here and you can buy from 23rd September!

(Picture from Wonderbra)

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Out Of The Fug, Into The Pretty

So remember I found these boots from Chinese Laundry? Well lovely commenter Youlovemar has found some in the purple!

They're slightly shorter but very cute and would be surprisingly versatile - think pretty dresses with layered knits or (if you're that way inclined) dark skinny jeans.

$89 from Chinese Laundry

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Quel Louboutin à choisir?

So I've started saving my pennies in preparation for Paris which then means researching which pretty delights I can purchase.

For your consideration today, the sublime Very Prive satin platform peep toes. These shoes would last, last and last - a true classic that deserves the splurge.

Or is it?

Why Getting Dressed Is So Much More Than Just Preventing Nakedness

The time has come for my seasonal wardrobe review where I look at what I've got to get me through the coming season, what I can get rid of, what I need to buy and it's occurred to me that I'm a woman of more than one look and that surely I can't be the only one who has different looks and indeed variations on these looks for each occasion.

There's a myth that floats around Fashion Land that presumes that all women should have a signature look and stick to it. For some women this is perfectly true. The Queen for example. Or Victoria Beckham. But what about the rest of us? Are we about dressing or dressing up?

The times when I have to get dressed and I have time to take on it, I'm very much in the dress up mode. Different outfits do different things. Take going to gigs - if I'm going to one of the Hairy Drummer's gigs then I like to play the rockstar girlfriend look. There's generally a leather jacket involved, skinny-ish jeans and a sexy tee accessorised with tousled hair and heaps of eyeliner. Moss? She has nothing on me. It's different if I'm going as a reviewer though. Then I like to keep it a bit more casual but still sharp. If I'm just going for the hell of it then on with a Threadless tee and the baggy jeans and scrappiest skater trainers.

So far, so generic rock chick. But also nestling in my wardrobe and my heart are a load of vintage (genuine and repro) 50s dresses and skirts for those days when I want to dress up like a film star. And again, these change dependent on the occasion. For work, I go for the pencil skirt approach - it's my equivalent of a power suit. Let's face it, if you can negotiate stairs in a wiggle skirt and heels then you can negotiate anything. But for play, it's petticoats, flowers and ribbons all the way because I want to show that I'm out to have fun and I can be and do like being girly sometimes.

It just goes to show that while we can all have a signature look or variations thereof, it's always worth remembering that getting dressed up is still a lot of fun!

What The Fug?!

I'm looking for some new winter boots so started scouring the usual places when I came across these Chinese Laundry boots.

I wasn't aware Court Jester was a big trend for Autumn/Winter 08.

(I do however love the shape of them and if they were in the purple or blue then I'd be tempted.)

$59.99 at

Friday, 5 September 2008

Shoe Of The Day

More ribbon laces - well to an extent at least. I'm not sure one ribbon can count as laces can it? Anyway, these slightly pointy but still round toe heels from Moda In Pelle are very cute and will add a nice bit of dressiness to a work outfit.

The very aptly named 'Crumpet', £70 at Viva La Diva

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Shoe Of The Day

These shoes combine my dual loves of disco and evening footwear and will be absolutely perfect for the December party season.

To know as well then that they come from Rocket Dog is a bit of a surprise. I don't usually associate them with shoes like this.

And the price? A very reasonable £45. Bar to the gain.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Shoe Of The Day

I've always been a little unsure about shoe boots or whatever you want to abridge them to. I think it's because I had a pair at school back in the mid-90s that had a big chunky heel and laces that always came undone. Then I remembered that I actually loved those shoes. They were my first pair of heels and flew in the face of the draconian uniform rules. I was a rebel with a cause - school uniforms need not be fugly!

Now I'm allegedly all growed up, I look for something a bit sexier in my heels of choice so I was a bit taken aback to find these on the Faith website and actually liking them. I think it's the shininess of the patent leather, the ribbon for laces and the downright dirty stiletto that does it.

Culine, £60 from Faith here or in a store near you as the ads would have it.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Friday, 29 August 2008

NES Is Going To Paris...

At the beginning of December, the Hairy Drummer and I will be away for le weekend romantique a deux in Paris. Now this means two things. One, a dilemma already on what to pack and two, shopping.

More specifically, shoe shopping. Following from my sojourn to London Town and the heady heights of the Shoe Department in Selfridges, I've been formulating a plan. If I save a bit each month then by the time I get to Paris, I should be able to afford a pair of those gorgeous, coveted, lusted after Louboutins.

Can it be done? More than likely. Can I decide which pair I want? Not a hope in hell. Which is why I want you, dear reader to aid and assist, this woman with her child in a candy shop experience. Each week I'll be presenting a possible candidate to you and the one with the most votes will win*!

* Obviously dependent on how many pennies I've saved and my own particular whim on the day!

Friday, 22 August 2008

When A Trip To London Town Resulted In The Physical Manifestation Of A Love Affair

Oh behave! It's not as sordid as you think!

As I edged ever closer to having a zero in my age again, I decided as a birthday treat to venture to London Town for the day to have my hair cut, do some shopping and whatever else took my fancy.

First things first. Loathe as I am to share this with you, many people have asked me why the hell I travel to London to get my haircut when I can get it cut in any number of perfectly nice salons in the Shire. I always reply that it's because it's cheaper and am met with derisive laughter. But wait! It is cheaper. Regardez:

Train to London - £25 if bought enough in advance.
Haircut - £13

Haircut in the Shire - Upwards of £35, averaging at £40-50, though the most I paid was £65.

But seriously, £13 for a haircut? Here's the secret. In Neal's Yard in Covent Garden is a small unassuming place called Hair by Fairy. You don't make an appointment and it's the luck of the draw who cuts your hair (and whether they speak English) but all the stylists are recent graduates of places like the Toni and Guy Academy. Trust me, if you just want a quick cut, go here.

Anyway, part of the pleasure of the day was strolling through Selfridges. Selfridges is possibly one of my favourite shops - don't be fooled by all the wealth wafting around, the staff are as courteous and lovely to me and thee as they are to black Amex holders. And thus I found myself in the best bit.

Shoes. Sweet Heaven on Earth.

I work the Shoes in a clockwise direction. Which means starting with Lanvin and Louboutin - two of the most beautiful words ever to begin with 'L'. I inadvertantly found myself stroking these fine beauties when I was approached by a Professional Blonde who politely asked if I needed any help. I resisted the urge to enlist her help to smuggle all of the preciouses out of the shop and into my bag so I could leg it to St Pancras and catch the train home, cackling maniacally at my daring-do. No, I was restrained and said no and she wafted off, leaving me to loiter by the Louboutins.

Now this may surprise you but I've never actually tried a pair on. I've always felt my feet to be far unworthy of such creations and didn't want to experience the crushing horror that maybe they're just not for me.

Until now. I was approached again by a very lovely chap who saw me fondling a pair and again I was asked if I needed any help.

"Um, no, thank you. I'm just looking," I replied, guiltily putting the shoe back on the shelf and desperately checking I hadn't left any fingermarks. He smiled kindly.

"They are lovely aren't they? Would you like to try them on?" What? He wasn't kind! He was an apprentice of the Devil!

I tried to resist but before I knew it a perfect pink box was thrust into my hands and divine creations adorned my feet. So how was it?

Perfect. No more, no less. I am now completely in lustful love and am scheming a way to get me a pair.....

Britain's Next Top Model: Where The Word 'Meh' Achieves Its Full Potential

So apparently Britain's Next Top Model finished. I didn't notice. I'd been so thoroughly bored by the rubbishness of the "potential top models" that I stopped watching.

Alex won and duly featured on the current issue of Company. According to the snippets of interview accompanying her - you guessed it - incredibly meh shoot, she was upset with the way she was portrayed on the show. She thought they deliberately edited her to make her look whiney and bitchy. And she didn't like it when they cut her hair short despite the fact that was the only thing that made her look different to any other pretty girl schlepping round Topshop. Boohoo for you, you poor dear.

So what was good about Britain's Next Top Model? Umm.... well I liked Gerry Deveaux's straight talking and obvious despair at the detritus he was supposed to work with. I liked Huggy's firm but nice approach and the fact she could properly analyze a picture. And for some reason, I've warmed to Lisa Snowdon. Maybe because I covet her hair.

Whatever, they have to step up a gear for next season - HHPOF!Miz Tyra's got a transexual on her new season, how are you going to beat that?

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

The Randomness Of Teh Interwebs

It really is a small world. There I was, minding my own business when suddenly *ping* a message to my inbox from Bill and Elle at This Is By Us telling me what cool things people had been writing.

And lo! There was a mention of my good self. Naturally, it piqued my curiosity. My post on what men should wear had been read by some dude called John Tesh.


Investigating further, it turns out John used to present Entertainment Tonight and is now a musician with a radio show listened to by 8 million people...

You can read what he thinks about men's clothing here and read my own thoughts below (original here)

".....What kind of attire would make a male more attractive to females?

I've been pondering on this as it is a) more fun than pondering about financial forecasts; b) requires some - ahem- visual research of various Hot Men in order to assess what they're wearing (honest!) and c) because it's such a variable response.

What a male can wear to make himself more attractive is wholly dependent on the particular female's interests. What appeals to one might not appeal to the next. As such, trying to second guess is to be doomed to failure. Instead, focus on the universals - those things that all girls find abhorrent. Avoid those and you'll be part of the way there. I'm not going to lie and say girls don't judge on clothes - we do. But we also know that if you're worth bothering with, once you go out with us the only thing we can change about you is your clothes.

1. Don't wear holey/smelly/dirty/ill fitting underwear

Ugh. This pretty much goes without saying. You keep your most precious item in your pants so treat it with respect. No holes. No smells. No dirt. Not too tight. Not too baggy.

Do this, or similar, and you'll be fine. After all, we spend ludicrous amounts on frivolous underwear, the least you can do in return is spend a little on keeping your pants nice.

This goes for socks as well.

2. Don't wear skinny jeans

I used to think this was just a phobia I had but no - lots of women find the sight of a grown man in skinny jeans truly repellent. There are several reasons for this:

- Where the hell have you put it?? Honestly, where is your penis? If you can squeeze into jeans that tight and have nothing to show then you're either really uncomfortable or there's not a lot there to begin with. Either way, we don't want to go out with a living replica of a Ken doll....

- It's grossly unfair that you can fit into jeans several sizes smaller than we can. Not only does this remind us of any residual weight issues we may have but (to my mind anyway) also brings up the thought that we might break you if we got down and dirty. Unattractive on so many levels.

- You look like you want to be Pete Doherty/Johnny Borrell? They went out with Kate Moss/Kirsten Dunst? Wow, good argument because they're women who look hot all the time right? No. Doherty/Borrell just look plain unclean all the time. And their personality traits are highly questionable. That you want to emulate them tells us everything we need to know.

3. Don't wear obvious comedy slogan tees

It only tells us you have a dubious sense of humour. Or that you're a frat boy. Neither is a Good Look. We don't care if you're with Stupid or that you found a play-on-words Coke/Coca-Cola that involved cocks. It's not funny, clever and does not render you as funny or as clever as you think you are.

4. Make sure your clothes fit/are the right length

Just like there's nothing more unsightly on a woman than ill-fitting clothes, same goes for a man. It doesn't take a lot to try something on so please, do it. Also make sure that sleeve and trouser lengths are appropriate. There's something slightly sad and highly annoying about a trouser leg that is an inch too short or too long. If you don't care about getting these simple details right then what's to say you care about anything else?

5. Don't wear overt jewellery

You may think your display of bling will bring the girls to your yard. No, no it won't. It just looks kinda cheap and tacky. The only bling girls are interested in on you are a wedding ring (don't panic - only to check if you are already married - they don't want to be your bit on the side) and a watch. A nice watch though, nothing diamond encrusted. Again, tacky.

6. Don't wear inappropriate shoes

It's already established that women place some importance on shoes. So wear some appropriate to the occasion. We don't really care if all you have is one pair of sneakers and one pair of 'smart' shoes - wear appropriately. Date at the pub - sneakers. Date at a nice restaurant - 'smart' shoes.

So that's the basics on what not to wear. Converting that into what should you wear - clean clothes that fit you and reflect your personality. Those clothes you feel most comfortable in.

And the one thing that always works? A man in a well fitting tux. Every time. Why else did you think James Bond was so popular?...."

Friday, 11 July 2008

Shoe Of The Day

Everyone knows that disco is freaking awesome. Everyone also knows that disco shoes are freaking awesome. And? That Michael Kors is freaking awesome.

What happens when you combine these elements into a shoe-making pot? Why, it's the Michael Kors Disco platform sandal! Ce n'est-pas le freak mais totalement le chic!

And reduced to $298.00! (I'll be trying to find cheaper alternatives though!)

NES *hearts*..... New Look shoes (but not so much the clothes)

New Look. It's a conundrum to me. On the one hand they do great stuff with Giles Deacon and get pretty affordable 50s style underwear and swimsuits to the masses via the (ridiculously pretty) medium of Kelly Brook. Plus they make affordable, COMFORTABLE shoes.

Such as these:

And these:

But when it comes to their clothes.... I dunno, they just leave me flat. I've managed to find a few pieces in there (she says realising that as she types this she is wearing a rather lovely mint green scoop neck 3/4 sleeve jumper from the very same shop!) which is more than can be said for River Island and yet in my mind the two are somehow linked.

I don't know whether it's because I only run in there and head straight for the shoes that I forget that they do sell clothes too. I've just browsed the rest of the website and found nothing that would exhort me to part with my hard earned moolah when I know I could find something very similar across the road at Primark for at least a tenner cheaper.

The shoes though. Oh boy, do I love the shoes! My favourite dancing shoes are a silver glittery pair from a couple of seasons ago that I hunted down on eBay foe weeks because i missed the chance to get them in my size in store. true I got them cheaper than I would've done but I was more than prepared to pay the £20 (£20!!! For super glittery fabulousity!). They're comfortable and considering the price, well made.

Maybe one day they'll bring their clothes up to the same standard and then they might be able to claim the accolade of being my favourite shop.

Ooh! Pretty butterfly necklace thing!

It would be true to say that I love butterflies (perhaps the only thing me and Mariah Carey have in common) and that I love necklaces.

Voila! This pretty locket from Eclectic Eccentricity combines the two in a rather lovely vintage style long chained way.

It's only £14.50 and is worth treating yourself to. It's Friday, why the hell not!

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Shoe Of The Day

My love of polka dots has already been documented but when I saw these on the La Redoute site, I squeed and knew I had to share them with you. I seem to recall Accessorize doing something similar last year but they're a style that will always be cute and summery.

I'm picturing mine with some colour co-ordinating full skirts or cutifying some denim shorts.

And? In the sale! £11.50 from £23. Bargain.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Shoe Of The Day

Pin Up Girl Clothing is one of my absolute favourite websites for finding retro inspired treats of goodness. And that includes the shoes.

These green and beige wedges are gloriously summery and suitably retro, with the red trim touches giving them a bit of edge.

The price is nice too at only $38!

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Shoe Of The Day

It's sale time and as always there are some bargains to be had. Let's start with these red laced courts from Faith. Now my love for red shoes is pretty much unconditional and given that these are a) cute and b) practical, never mind c) in the sale then they're a winner.

Clana, £40 from £60 at Faith

What The Fug?!

So there I was, browsing through the interwebs in search of preciouses and loveliness and I came across these.

That are sold out.

And cost $129.99.

Can I repeat that they've sold out? I'm hoping that's because only one pair were ever made and the designer's mum bought them seeing as only a mother could pretend to love such an abomination as created by their child.

Should you be similarly afflicted then can I suggest therapy or a visit here (if you really must but don't blame me when people point and laugh)

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Shoe Of The Day

Bit of a bargain for today. Delia's are currently having a sale and there's some very good bargains to be had indeed! These are my pick of the shoes - I've pictured the navy ones but they come in tan as well. Best thing? They ship internationally so you can stock up on some other stuff too!

'Angela' wedge sandal, $14.99 reduced from $40 at

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Shoe Of The Day

I hadn't really realised I'd missed Solution when they closed seeing as their creations are available online but now I'm feeling cheated that I have one less shop to discover pretties in.

Such as these teal courts reduced from £40 to £20 at Viva La Diva. While not ground breaking in terms of design, I have a bit of a thing about the colour and these look cutely comfortable.

Monday, 16 June 2008

What The Fug?!

So there I was innocently scouring eBay for some bargains when I was unexpectedly assaulted by this trainer court shoe.

That comes in more than one colour. And is a trainer court shoe.

For your own safety, I've not put up a picture and leave it up to you to decide whether you can handle the fug. I'm off for a lie down in a darkened room to try and recover.

Monday, 9 June 2008

All Back To Normal From Monday 16th June!

You may (or may not!) be pleased to know that normal NES service will be resumed from next Monday. Actual work has been encroaching on my time for the past few weeks and I've been busy working on a couple of other things...

... Namely some articles for On Topic, a new webmag that you can find at I'm quite excited about this as it's always fun to be in something from the start and to hopefully help it grow and go on to bigger and better things!

Rest assured though that those fabulous shoes and fashion mishaps haven't passed me by and I'll be catching up this week to make sure you never go without your daily shoe prettiness again!

NES x x x

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Wherefore Art Thou, NES?!

I know, I know! I've been very quiet lately but that's because Actual Work has crept in to steal my time away from you and the shoes. Rest assured though that I have been researching for future posts and for some other projects that I'll tell you about as and when they happen.

In the meantime why not check out some of my favourite blogs listed to your right (if it helps, you can imagine the flight attendant arm motion) to help keep you entertained.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Britain's Next Top Model: Walking Is Still An Issue And It Is Proven That Luxury Sports Cars Are Only For Men In A Mid Life Crisis

Ah BNTM. You're boring me. I'm sorry, but it's true. So far it has been one long stream of meh and bad posture. So much so that when my mum phoned in the middle I didn't really mind that I was paying more attention to her than you even though I'd normally tell her I'd phone her back. Apologies then if this is a bit all over the place.

Episode 4 and they finally had to do some close ups in a shoot for Jai Kudo glasses. Their brief was to unleash their inner Fierce! which some took to with aplomb, going for the full on "argh!" scream at the photographer. Some internalised it and predictably fell flat.

For some reason, there were three shoots this week and the next (which may have been the first) was for and a bit of a walking and styling exercise at the same time. The girls were given a rail of clothes and told to pick something that represented their style. Then of course, stand up straight and pose.

Miracle of miracles!! Aaron finally realised that her posture sucks monkey ass. At least she recognised it. Still didn't stop her from slouching into hunchback mode though. The most "ASOS-y" of the shots were from Charlotte, Rachael, Lauren and Stephanie. Then came some more walking and they all sucked. Someone won something I think. I'm not sure. Nor do I care.

I didn't catch who the final shoot was for but it involved sports cars that only men in the throes of a mid-life crisis and penis anxiety buy. Turns out the client was Max Mara for their SportMax diffusion line. No, I don't associate SportMax with fast cars either.

Obviously the twist, as Gerry delightfully informed them, was to get out of the car in a pretty dress while avoiding the Britney/Paris/LiLo/random Young Hollywood actress wannabe upskirt no pants shot. Given that this bunch are as co-ordinated as.... something that's not very co-ordinated, this proved to be an issue.

Gerry seemed to want to curl up and die while the delightfully suave Giorgio Guidotti from Max Mara seemed perplexed that he'd been given a such a motley crew to cast from. Rachael impressed him and got kisses. Poor Aaron got a flat out "Thank you but NO! I would NEVER book this girl!" (that's pretty much verbatim).

At judging, it was revealed that Charlotte had impressed the glasses people so much, they were actually going to book her to do actual proper work. Lisa was delighted and probably squeed a bit. Gerry and Huggy looked astounded.

The judging was on the SportMax shoot though and the photos were universally awful. Lisa was so surprised she questioned hair and makeup, the lighting and even the photographer. Sweets, could it just be that they really are that bad? None of them seem to have any awareness about their face or body. That's possibly an important thing to be aware of if you're a model n'est-ce pas?

The best out of a bad bunch was Charlotte again. Gerry wanted to send everyone home again and Huggy said some nasty things in Icelandic. Huggy got her wish though and Lauren was sent home even though she'd been practising at not being cross eyed. To be fair she wasn't cross eyed, just cross.

And thus it ended. Apparently next week, everyone agrees with me and dislikes Aaron and some other stuff happens.

To end on a positive, I LOVE Gerry. He's like a perfect mix of Nigel Barker sexiness and Janice bitchiness with Miz Jay casual scorn. There needs to be more of him.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Shoe Of The Day

Yesterday I mentioned that Topshop are good at doing casual trainer type shoes that can also be a bit glam. Typically when I looked online to find such an example, there were none apart from these!

But very lovely they are! Polka dot spots are always a good thing in my book - there's just something about them that's inherently retro. These satin pumps would look best with a full circle skirt and, considering how pricey the clothes have become, are a very reasonable £15. They also come in canvas if you want a less girly option.

Tempo spot lace up pump, £15 at Topshop

Monday, 12 May 2008

Shoe Of The Day

Continuing the trainer theme, today's offering straddles the trainer/shoe divide and proves that you can have springy comfort and a casually dressy shoe all rolled into one. Faith do these very well indeed, as do Topshop (more on that tomorrow).

I love the very pale gold of this - it would work fantastically with a tan, skirt, dress, cropped trousers, everything. I'm not so keen on the silver - I think that it's a little bit harsh for what is essentially a summer shoe.

£15 is a pretty price too. Online and instore.

Pssst! I Have That Secret Too!

I'm completely addicted to PostSecret.

That's not the secret. The secret is that I too think "Would The Sartorialist photograph me wearing this?" when I get dressed in the morning. When I saw that I was glad that it wasn't just me!

I am completely addicted to The Sartorialist too. That's not a secret.

Friday, 9 May 2008

Shoe Of The Day

Still on the trainer theme, you can't go wrong with a pair of DCs. Skate trainers work best under low slung boyfriend jeans and are so damn comfy you may regret going back to heels.

There's a seemingly endless combination of colours and patterns so it's a case of trawling through until you find one that suits you best. Or two. Or three...

These ones are $60 at Zappos. If your local skate shop doesn't have them, ask sweetly if they'll get a pair in for you.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

How To Get Round The "Sorry We Currently Do Not Ship Outside America" Nonsense

Ah America. Home to many good things, many bad things and some damn frustrating things. Namely the FAQ "Do you ship internationally?" and the FA "Sorry but we currently do not ship outside the United States and Territories."

There's nothing more frustrating than seeing that when you're itching to take advantage of the cheap dollar and have finally found the perfect dress/shoes/whatever. There are ways around it though.

I've decided to write this as I'm aware that I feature a lot of shoes on US sites and it can be very frustrating to learn that in the age of a global economy, The Rest Of The World doesn't seem to matter or exist.

Option 1 -
The US eBay site should be your first stop when looking for stuff you just can't get here. Not only is it likely you'll save on the retail price anyway, the current dollar position means that's even more favourable. Most sellers will ship internationally if you ask them should they not already state they do. As a rule, should be between $11 to $30 depending on the item and the method of shipping. That's still only around £5 to £15 which is pretty good going. For example, I recently won a BCBG Max Azria dress which cost £26 including shipping. RRP? $380 or around £195.

Option 2 - get a US postal address
This is fairly straightforward yet remains something that people just don't seem to know about. I have my US address with Access USA. Most places offer a month by month subscription or a yearly subscription. If you can team up with some people, share the cost of a yearly subscription and shop en masse. They also offer personal shopper services for sites which don't accept international credit cards. Obviously there is a charge for this but even so still works out cheaper than buying here. I use it to raid Sephora and save around a third on all products - great given that I love Benefit and Clinique!

Most sites will accept international cards if you can provide them with ID. Yes, it's a bit of a hassle but worth it in the end.

Option 3 - There are US sites that ship internationally!
You just have to find them! Threadless, Delia's and Pin Up Girl are my personal favourites but the number is growing. Bookmark all your favourite sites and keep checking to see if they've changed their shipping policy. I've found that many that I've emailed have replied saying that they will be doing international shipping "soon" - whenever that may be!

Legal time - be aware that anything that gets shipped to you from anywhere abroad is subject to Customs charges which can be a complete headache to understand. It's always worth factoring this element in to any shopping you do. For proper info on this, head to the HMRC site which gives a good explanation once you've got your head round it!

Shoe Of The Day

For saying that I spend a good proportion of my time in trainers, I thought it was about time to have a few as Shoe Of The Day. So for one week, trainers it is!

To start us off, classics with a twist. Converse Chuck Taylor Hi-tops are essential. Preferably in every colour known to man but especially red, pink and green. These are perfect for summer with a butterfly pattern (huzzah! more stuff with butterflies on for me to covet!) - they'd look suitably cool with shorts or a dress. Yep, I wear my Cons with dresses and I was doing it way before Lily Allen even thought of it!

$47 from Zappos or around £40 in store at Office.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Britain's Next Top Model: Where The Ability To Walk In Heels Is Actually Quite Important And Getting Your Hair Cut Is Literally Traumatic...

I had to wait for the third repeat of Episode 2 of BNTM last week and while I kinda wish I hadn't, I'm kinda glad I did. If the opening salvo had me shouting in frustration, lord knows what happened to my blood pressure during this one.

As any fule kno, being able to walk is A Big Deal when it comes to being a model. Sure, everyone can walk - the regular one foot in front of the other schtick - but model walking? That's different. You can't go too fast or too slow. You have to do a weird kinda pony trot but not actually trot or look like your legs are moving in an unnatural way. You Have To Stand Up STRAIGHT! Then there's the pose'n'turn and a whole heap of other things to think about. The other thing you have to do is be able to walk in heels.

You'd think that aspiring wannabes would realise this wouldn't you? Apparently not. Leanne (who's actually my favourite) admitted that she didn't really wear heels and couldn't walk in them. Being given disco shoes by the genius Terry deHavilland wouldn't really do her any favours then.

It didn't do any of them any favours. But then they couldn't walk in their own shoes so quite frankly I was surprised there wasn't any injuries. I know I shouted A Lot at the screen thanks to the sheer awfulness of it all. There followed some guff and nonsense then on to the photoshoot.

For some reason to tenuous to remember the theme was The End Of The Night At A Club. It was all so bad that I began to wonder if they'd even been in a club. The strongest picture by far was Rachael's with the weakest being Martha and Aaron (honestly, I don't have it in for them but they really do suck). For some reason though, they were saved and Musayeroh was eliminated. Possibly for having a ridiculous name that they struggled to spell or pronounce, more likely for being a bit meh.

So onto Episode 3 - The Makeover! In ANTM this guarantees Major Dramz! but then they do tend to go out on a limb and radically alter people's looks. Here we just get a few inches lopped off, a fringe cut in and some pixie cuts.

Still, at least the girls had learnt this lesson - when it's Makeover Time, you have to cry and weep for the scraggy mess atop your head because you simply don't believe that the professionals know what would make you look better. Taking a leaf out of HHPOF! Miz Tyra's book, Lisa was on hand to soothe any tears and tell them to get a grip. Apparently the added twist of covering up all the mirrors until they'd been done heightened the paranoia and tears.

Aaron (Ok so I really don't like her) was worried that her cheapass extensions would leave her bald once they'd managed to detach them but fear not! She got actual proper ones instead! Why is there always one that has really bad extensions? The only dramatic change was for Alex to get her locks lopped for a pixie cut (when will people get over that? It's more rabid than The Rachel) and she did look much better for it.

The task this week was to sit on a bucking bronco and try to sell hairspray. It was as ridiculous as it sounds. Leanne won for not totally sucking and got an 8 hand massage. Lovely.

The photoshoot this week was for a doggy clothing company shot by Nicky Johnston. I love it when they use him because he really says what he thinks and his pictures are great. Most of the girls were overjoyed at having cute little bundles of fluff to pose with. Gerry wisely warned them to not be upstaged by the cuteness and generally they listened.

And whaddya know?! Martha turned out a pretty decent picture! Lisa and Leanne were pretty well matched for best picture with the rest being quite poor. Huggy really doesn't like Lauren and pointed out that yet again she was cross eyed and looked like a bitch (I don't know if she intended the pun or not... I may have done!). Now I thought being cross eyed was one of those things you either are or aren't. Is there some kind of treatment she can get for that? Eye exercise? Surely there must be something the Wii Fit can do?!

Louise felt supremely confident that she'd nailed it this week so it was no surprise that she was the one eliminated though there were worse pictures - yes, that included Aaron who looked like some kind of tranny Amy Winehouse Barbie. Gerry felt exasperated enough to want to send at least four of them home.

I feel your pain Gerry, I feel your pain.

(I was intrigued though by the teaser for next week where one girl is so impressive on a shoot she gets an actual job! Who could it be?!)

Shoe Of The Day

I've been busy today gazing longingly out of the window at the sunshine, mentally putting together summery outfits for the week. When it came to picking today's Shoe I focused on finding a suitably summery style to fit with the mood.

And fell in love with these.

At £90, they are pretty pricey for a canvas trainer. But they are by Jonathan Saunders and Heavens to Betsy are they chic and versatile! And smart enough that you could get away with wearing them to the office should you so wish. I wish.

Gola by Jonathan Saunders canvas trainers, £90 at

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Shoe Of The Day

New Look is a bit of a conundrum to me. Very occasionally I'll find clothes in there that I like but they always manage to produce shoes that are stylish, comfortable and cheap. Given that I love their shoes so much, why don't I feel the same about the clothes?

No matter. These low wedge sandals are perfect for summer and come in 4 colours - black (pictured), white, tan and a kinda olive-y brown sludge colour. For £12 a pair, you really could get one in every colour!

Low wedge sandal, £12 at New Look

Unfortunate Fashion Mishaps: Part II - When Bad Weather Happens To Good Outfits

One of the curses of living in the UK is the weather. True, it is a national stereotype that the denizens of this fair isle are a tad obsessed with all things meteorological but with good reason. If you know what the weather's going to do then you can dress appropriately for it.

So take yesterday. It was a lovely spring day and it meant I could bring out my favourite spring coat - a lovely mint/sea green bracelet sleeve length confection from Topshop that manages to keep the chill of but not render me too hot or too cold. As I drifted of to sleep last night planning today's outfit, the coat was a key component.

On waking, I noticed a few more clouds than yesterday but crucially no rain. I decided a nautical look would do for today and dug out my high waisted flared jeans, toffee brown leather and sand canvas wedges and a short sleeved close knitted blue and cream stripy top with a boat neck. Chunky cream bracelet and chunky red beaded necklace, finish with the coat and I was good to go.

Except I wasn't. Due to an incident involving cornflakes, The Daughter and escaping milk, I missed the weather forecast.

The one that said it was going to rain today.


Wedges off, skate trainers on. Lovely spring coat off, heavy winter parka on (it's the only one with a hood. Umbrellas and pushchairs Do Not Mix). Turn jeans up, wedges in bag to change into at work.

Ok, problem solved.

Except I hadn't accounted for the temperature to be quite so high. My hood while doing a sterling job of keeping my oh so carefully styled casual up do (read hastily scrabbled back ponytail) dry, it was also creating a humid micro-climate worthy of the sub-tropics.

And I hadn't accounted for my jeans not wanting to stay unfashionably turned up.

And I hadn't accounted for forgetting the last crucial step of that process.

So it is with a heavy heart and annoyance that I write to you now in jeans with a 4" ring of rain soaked into the bottom, skate trainers struggling to peek out from underneath the sodden sorry mess.

Especially as it's just stopped raining and the sun's struggling out. Bah.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Britain's Next Top Model? More Like Britain's Next Top Hunchback...

So following straight on from the final of Season 9 (9?!) of America's Next Top Model last week, came Season 4 (4?!) of Britain's Next Top Model on that bastion of all that is good and slightly trashy, Living.

I know, I know that everything in these shows is a set up and that none of the poor deluded souls involved will ever work in 'high' fashion (despite what Her High Priestess Of Fieeerrrrce! Miz Tyra claims) but dammit if I don't just love, love, love the whole chaotic delusion of it all!

I don't know what it says if I can name all nine winners of ANTM but struggle to remember even the faces of the three winners of BNTM. Are the British girls not pretty enough? Are they not dynamic enough? Is it that Lisa Snowdon cannot begin to even hope to match the crazy of HHPOF! Miz Tyra? That there's no Mr Jay and Miz Jay? Who knows.

Now that I think about it though, I vaguely remember the face of the first winner simply from recognising her in a Warehouse campaign a few seasons ago and I remember Liana - was that her name? - from Season 2 simply because that was the season that launched Abi Clancy onto the nation's lads mags and Liana whined and bitched like a spoilt child and was a crap walker. Whoever won last year I know shouldn't have done because Louise who was the runner up was far the better model but too fat for regular modelling but not fat enough for plus size.

What about the new crop then?

A whole heap o'meh. The thing that annoyed me most though? NONE OF THEM COULD STAND UP STRAIGHT! (phew! glad I got that out!). Seriously, it was like an audition for the Hunchback of Notre Dame. The worst out of the 14 were Aaron and Martha. They actually made me shout at the tv they were that bad.

Aaron did not cover herself in glory. First task? Tell a room full of fashion students (not fashion industry bigwigs like was claimed. I can spot St Martins and LCF undergrads a mile off) why you should be BNTM. Now see this is where the girls on ANTM come into their own. They've researched and obsessively watched every series for clues and tips on what to say and when to say it to make HHPOF! Miz Tyra do that cat's ass smile of approval. Basically, big yourself up like nothing else.

Aaron, poor love, was first up and said immediately that she didn't think she could win it.

Oh no she din't! Oh yes she did!

Lisa Snowdon Was Not Impressed.

Aaron clearly had not done her homework. The others had though albeit hurriedly and trotted out the usual crap about "living for this industry" and "loving fashion" and being "confident and friendly". Blah, blah, blah. I couldn't tell you their names because they all look the same - another BNTM trait that I've not seen in any others.

The first shoot was the girls paired up and topless, clad in ass hugging jeans. Again, this threw up the unbelievable revelation that none of the girls had the slightest hint of awareness about their bodies. For people who are supposed to be competing for their "dream and life's ambition", you'd think they'd have done some prep work. Or at least watched some old skool ANTM with Janice and Miz Jay bitching at people to suck the flab in. Instead it was awkward facial angles and saggy tummies all round.

And herein lies the major difference between ANTM and BNTM. ANTM claims to be all about the high fashion and no matter which way you cut it, right or wrong, you have to be a certain kind of skinny for that. HHPOF! Miz Tyra knows that, her production teams know that and they also know that they have a responsibility to the audience to include at least one plus size girl. But they make sure she could actually work in plus size.

BNTM doesn't harp on so much about the 'high' fashion but none of the girls have the right kind of skinny to do it. I remember reading an article in The Sunday Times Style section last year about the final weeks of BNTM when they were in Brazil. All of the professionals involved said that they couldn't work with any of the girls as they were simply too fat for regular shoots but too skinny for plus size. Never mind the blatant unprofessionalism. In a way, this should be applauded at a time when the size of models continues to be a source of debate (and indeed, legislation in France) but only if they are open about it. Say these girls can do commercial so why not 'high' fashion?

Anyway. The results were all a bit dismal and the photographer said she'd book one of them at a push. On to panel.

Lisa Snowdon's pretty but why does she have to do the Renee/Keira moué with her mouth all the time? This time round the slightly creepy Johnathon Phang had been replaced by Gerry DeVeaux (occupying the Mr Jay role) and loopy Paula Hamilton with Huggy Ragnarsson. Now I know who these people are but it was quite clear that none of the prospective models did. Strained smiles any one?

In a surprising touch they ripped everyone apart and almost gave up. I didn't blame them. It was Sophie who got booted first. She didn't think she should've been. I was finding it hard to care.

Which isn't to say I won't watch until the bitter end of course!

Be Still My Beating Heart! Heaven Is A Place Called Mount Street!

Exciting news!

Catwalk Queen have reported that Christian Louboutin is opening his European flagship store in fair ol' London Town!


Apparently it opens next month and will be a haven for all things beautiful and red soled. The only thing that could excite me more would be if I got a Supermarket Sweep style dash around and could keep all the preciouses for free.

Shoe Of The (Yester)Day

Oops! I forgot yesterday so you get twoferone today!

First up, what's this?! Behold my lovelies, a lovely pair of shoes from Irregular Choice! Praise be! I happened across these cute yet practical peep toe flats on the UK Urban Outfitters site and initially thought they were own brand. Not so! So apart from being cute and practical, they're also less than half price! Huzzah for inbetweeny seasons and the sales they bring!

£19.99 reduced from £45 at Urban Outfitters

Friday, 18 April 2008

Shoe Of The Day

Some disco fabulousness to brighten up a Friday.

These silver sandals - another Faith pair - would go with pretty much everything from jeans to evening gowns. The versatility and classic shape means that the £55 investment would more than pay for itself in terms of CPW (Cost Per Wear).

Liamon, £55 at Faith

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Shoe Of The Day

Today's shoe - the Carta from Faith - should be a mash up too far in shoe terms yet I always find myself picking them up and seriously pondering purchasing (or scouring eBay from now on!). They come in black too which is a tad more versatile yet a tad more boring. I think the grey really makes the most of the double T, stitching and the bow.

£55 from Faith

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Shoe Of The Day

Ok, I have to admit I squeed when I saw these at lunch today. They are the cutest, most adorable shoes I've seen in Office for a looooong time. Office and I might be back on speaking terms now after we fell out due to the increase in fugly monstrosities adorning their shelves.

But these - near perfection. The shape, the practical low hexagonal heel (just make sure you have a good shoe repairer who'll re-heel them and not complain or charge extra!), the bow! The only criticism I have is that I think they'd look a teeny bit better in a darker shade of red but hell, these are straight on my wish list. Oh and they are a bit expensive for what they are.

I do accept gifts if anyone's wondering.....

Missey bow shoe £55 at Office

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Shoe Of The Day

I know, I know. I've been a bit slack recently but Shoe Of The Day is back with a vengeance and I promise I'll give it my full attention at around 3pm every day.

That said, here's today's offering. It may be a bit divisive - hell, it's causing my mind to argue with itself! Part of me thinks it's fugly but the other.... that part kinda likes it. Likes the boldness and the over the top fabulousity of an outfit that would go with such creations. I like to think that they fully represent the Miu Miu ethos - to be the slightly tearaway, over the top, in your face little sister to the more sophisticated and refined Prada.

If you can afford such luxuries, cough up £350 to Net A Porter and they're yours.

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

The Great eBay Experiment

Fair readers, I've concocted an ambitious plan. Possibly a foolish plan, a plan that could induce heartbreak or elation or a bizarre hybrid of the two.

I, Never Enough Shoes, am, for the rest of the year, only buying my clothes and shoes off eBay.

I know, I know, everyone buys stuff off eBay but it is a personal challenge to see if I can get all those beautiful clothes and shoes I desire via the medium of bidding and bidding alone. Obviously I have some exceptions - Primark covetables and basics and any underwear I may need. Mainly because it is very hard to get cheaper than Primark prices and because I'm a bit squeamish about buying my smalls from eBay - don't ask me why, it's just one of those little irrationalities I have.

So what is included? Basically anything and everything else. For example, say I see a dress in Oasis that I like. My thought process runs something like this:

"Oooh that's pretty. Touchy feel time"

Touch, feel. Crinkle nose at the unexpected slight cheapness of the fabric.

"Hm. Ok Price."

Check price. Nearly faint at the number. Realise am looking at the price in euros. Breathe sigh of relief. Realise that it's still as expensive in sterling.

"How much?! For that?! Hell no!"

So I don't want to buy the dress for full price but I know in the sale it'll only go down to 50% off at most if I'm lucky enough to still find one that fits. And I'd have to wait for the sales.


I'm not going to pretend it's going to be easy. It's not. The likelihood of me finding everything I like is minimal. But it does give me a great excuse to get some great vintage bargains from the States.

I'll be updating with any new purchases and the Bargain Margin. Wish me luck!

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Super Mario Goth!

Now I love Mario. I'm sending this to you using Firefox with a Mario skin. I have a tee with Mario on in a similar pose to this.

Would I wear a bizarrely cute goth corset with him on? No. My love does not stretch that far.

But I do now have an urge to find someone with a SNES, sink into a beanbag, rest a bowl of popcorn on me and while away a couple of days of my life rescuing princesses....

$99.98 by The Vintage Doctor at Etsy
(Thanks to Alex at Shiny Shiny for happening across it!)

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

NES Has A Girl Crush On... Natalie Portman

Don't know what a Girl Crush is? Check out my definition here.

Natalie Portman. *sigh* So not only is she preternaturally beautiful but she's smart. Really, really smart.

This recent article in Style helped cement the crush. Ostensibly Portman is on the press circuit to promote 'The Other Boleyn Girl' (don't get me started on the overflow of hotness that is a film containing Portman and Scarlett Johansson. The only thing stopping all the men in the world queueing up at the cinema to see it in all it's big screen glory is because it has period costume. But they won't say no if their girlfriend asks them to go along. That legitimises it.) Instead she talks about her work as a spokesperson for FINCA, how she's endorsed a line of affordable vegan shoes because Stella McCartney charges too much and sometimes a girl has to go a bit more high end than Target. She admits to shopping at Target! Overall though she comes across as the kind of girl you could go shopping and then for a good drink with and that is surely only a good thing.

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Cheap Chic - Compare And Contrast

Apparently summer is heading inexorably towards us. Not that you'd know that given the cold and the snow and stuff but the purveyors of clothing items are very content to foist new happy shiny images of sunkissed models and beaches in the sheerest of fabrics and skimpiest of garments. And so the shoes follow. You want sensible winter appropriate footwear? Forget it. You will wear sandals lady - open toes, strappy barely there scraps to adorn your foot. are keener than most on this at the moment and are shoving new stuff onto their website all the time.

New stuff such as these eminently chic and practical in that they'll go with a lot without you realising it kinda way and really for only £15, who cares? sandals.

Not that they got the inspiration from these £130 Opening Ceremony sandals.... not at all.

Monday, 25 February 2008

Oscars 2008: There's Always One Who Wears Upholstery...

This year it happened to be Gorgeous George's current paramour, Sarah Larson. I know nothing of her other than that she was on Fear Factor and is wearing Valentino.

*sigh* I know Valentino's retired now so was he looking forward to the stimulating surrounds of his future nursing home by ripping the curtains from Maud and Ethel's rooms and fashioning them into this curiously old fashioned 80s wanting to be 50s dress? Well?

Props for great skin, hair and the best accessory. Any outfit can be enhanced by the addition of Clooney. Maybe they could bottle him - Essence de Clooney - and sell it so that all men become as charming and witty and old school debonair but with a social conscience. The world would be a much better place.

Oscars 2008: Yummy Mummies

Don't let this lot fool you - being glamorous and pregnant is Hard Work. Of course if you have a team of people on hand whose sole raison d'etre is to make glamour happen then it is a bit easier. And it helps if you're as naturally gorgeous as Cate Blanchett in Dries van Noten and Jessica Alba in Marchesa (though that feather thing? Umm...)

Most importantly, check out the heel on Cate! Woman deserves an Oscar for that alone.